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House and Apartment Sales

Taylor & Buchalter can assist you with all the legal formalities associated with selling your house or apartment. We recommend that you seek our advice as early in the process as possible.


We suggest that you seek our advice before a buyer is found. Remember we may need to take up your Deeds from your lending institution and it will speed up the process if we can begin work on this as soon as the house is put on the market. Armed with the documents, and early instructions from you, we can anticipate the requirements of the Purchaser’s Solicitor and smooth the path ahead. We will also co-operate and liaise with the Auctioneer or Estate Agent appointed by you and we help ease the stress associated with moving house by anticipating any difficulties in advance, while there is time to solve the problem, and help avoid last minute panic.

These are the documents which we need from you to allow us to get working on the legal aspects of the sale:

  • •Yours Deeds (or a letter of authority signed by you, quoting your account reference number, addressed to your lending institution and authorising us to take up your Deeds),
  • •Your PPS number (Personal Public Service – Tax Number) and tax type, and confirmation of your marital status
  • If married, your State Marriage Certificate
  • If separated or divorced, the relevant Separation Agreement or Court Order
  • Up to date receipts for payment of Local Property Tax, and NPPR charges (if applicable)
  • •Up to date receipt for any local authority charges
  • ••Up to date ground rent receipt (if applicable)
  • If the property is Registry of Deeds title, a Land Registry compliant map will be required.
  • •Planning Permission and Architect’s Certificate of Compliance (or exemption, if applicable) for any alterations carried out to the property
  • •In the case of sales of apartments there are additional requirements regarding the Management Company accounts and service charges – we will let you have a detailed list of these requirements once you instruct us to act for you.

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